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If you've found yourself here, then you are likely expecting, and in that case: congratulations!!! Being pregnant may feel like an eternity right now, but in the big scheme of things it is such a small window of your life. The ability to grow a little person inside of you in less than a year is one of the most miraculous things that a women can do, in my opinion. All those aches and pains, stretch marks and other unwanted leftovers of that time of your life, are just proof of how strong you are, and it's a beautiful time that I love to be able to capture.


Pregnancy Announcement

starting at $100


Gender Reveal

starting at $100


Maternity Portraits

starting at $125




Pregnancy Announcements and Gender Reveals can be taken at any time in your pregnancy.  Maternity Portraits are recommended to be taken when you are around your 3rd trimester - the goal is that you are not completely uncomfortable yet! So around the 7th or 8th month would be perfect.


Consultation and Session Fees

All Portrait sessions include an email consultation prior to the session date in order to go over the specific details of the shoot. I ask that for before each shoot, the client fills out a Maternity Questionnaire so that I can familiarize myself with the people and personalities involved and gain a better understanding of the direction that you would like your session to go in. Session Fees include Photographer’s time and talent during the photo session, as well as after the photo session in post-production where I professionally edit the images that were taken during the shoot.



I would recommend that all Maternity Portraits be taken outdoors. Note that evening outdoor photos are best because of the ideal lighting at that time of the day. Early morning lighting can also be very nice. I try and avoid any outdoor shooting between those times, however, as lighting is quite harsh and not ideal for photos.

Gender Reveal and Pregnancy Announcement locations really depends on what you want. I would recommend they also be outside, but I can always bring my mobile studio to your home if we come up with an idea that can be done indoors. These shoots can get really creative, and I look forward to hearing what ideas you have!

 Any location further than 20 miles of zip code 19425 will be subject to travel fees based off the additional number of miles required to travel.