A Special Photo Session

My mother-in-law asked me recently if I could have a little holiday photo shoot for my mini sister-in-law. It turned out to be a lot of fun. My little sister has a very bubbly and happy personality and I feel like that was captured perfectly in the photos.

The room that I was able to shoot in was ideal: huge windows and, lucky me, it was overcast outside, so the light was nice and soft. It made everything come together nicely.  I'm really loving these holiday shoots : )

Below is one of my favorites, but I've also added a few more to the Family Portraits album, so check them out!

ISO 800, 18mm, f/4.5, 1/160

ISO 800, 18mm, f/4.5, 1/160

Photographer's Little Helper

It's a wonderful time of the year for babies! I was able to get some photos done for another friend who had her second baby girl a few weeks ago. And she's precious! Her older daughter was a so helpful, too, and enjoyed helping me turn the lights off and on and arranging the ornaments on the fuzzy throw that I brought for the background. And some on the defusing umbrellas as well. It was lots of fun. Can you tell that I love kids?

We went a more christmasy route with a little general baby photo thrown in there. The big bean bag poser came in handy for the baby. And for some fun lounging for her older sister.

There are some more photos that I also added to the Family Portraits album if you want to check those out, too! Happy Thanksgiving everyone : )

ISO 800, 34mm, f5.6, 1/250

ISO 800, 34mm, f5.6, 1/250

Negotiations For Smiles

I feel like I've known these kids for most of their lives. It's been so much fun watching them grow up. And today was no exception! There was a lot of negotiation and carol-singing during this session - never a dull moment. Not shown are the photos of lego characters that I promised the little boy I would take if he gave me just one good smile. Little did he know, I got many good smiles out of him! Mwahaha. I'm an adult.

Seriously though, this little family is just the best. I've know the mom for a while now, and I feel lucky to have been able to take same family photos for them. 

There are more photos in the Family Portraits album, so be sure to check those out!

This one was taken with the portable studio setup that I've put together.

ISO 800, 22mm, f/4, 1/125

ISO 800, 22mm, f/4, 1/125

'Tis the Season

This shoot was fun! I was able to do a shoot for a friend's little boy recently. It was great because I was able to use my portable studio set up somewhere other than my living room, and it turned out really well, I think. And the kid cracked me up - he's such a little tough guy. And so full of character!

I can't take credit for the christmas lights - that was all mommy's idea, and a perfect one at that. They definitely brought the picture together and made it fun and colorful (literally). And I love the way the background worked with the sorta barn-wall-christmas theme.

A few photos were added to the Family Portrait album, so go check them out!

ISO 800 26mm f6.3 1/80 with background and some lights with defuser umbrellas



Her First Little Photo Shoot

Babies are awesome. They're so little. And adorable. And precious. And rainbows. And butterflies. And sunshine. They'e just all good the good things.

With that gushy intro out of the way, I was recently approached by an old friend from years and years ago who had just had her first baby. She wanted to have this very beginning time in the child's life documented and I was fortunate enough to be the one they asked to give her her first little photo shoot. It was so much fun.

It was a gorgeous, sunny, fall day and I was able to set up a little photo set at their home. In hind sight, I wish that I had taken a picture of it. Not going to lie, I was pretty impressed with myself ; )

I used mostly low shutter speeds and wide apertures. Everything turned out really soft and light and I loved it.

There are a few other photos that were added in the Family Portraits Album. Here's a sneak peak in the meantime! 

ISO400, 26mm, f/5, 1/160

Oh, hey. It's been a while.

Hello all!

It has been a long time since I have updated, yes, and I am sorry for that. We recently welcomed a new addition to the family and apparently babies take up a lot of time. Who knew? : P Everyone is happy and healthy, just quite busy at the same time.

But enough of that. On to the photography! I was recently approached by a cousin of mine and asked if I wouldn't mind taking some family photos of they do not have many and the ones they do have are from their phones. (I am totally not dissing phone-photos as I am a big fan. But I also totally get it.)

So off to Valley Forge we went! The weather was perfect - a small storm had just rolled through leaving big fluffy clouds that gave nice shade while still letting soft pretty light through. The subjects were wonderful and fun. Their son was beyond adorable. In the photography world, it was a perfect situation for some great photos.

I used the widest aperture I could for these photos so that I could get good background blur. I think for the lense that I had, the lowest was f/3.5. And the shutter speed varied depending on what location we were in, but it was also generally on the lower side: 1/100-1/250. And the ISO was around 100-200 for sharpness in late afternoon/evening time.

It feels great to be "back in the game," so they say! And it was so much fun to have this chance to stretch my photography legs again. Hiatus over. Time to snap on! (ha... ha...)

Check 'em out : )

Family Portraits


Family Portraits

Hey strangers! Remember me? I Take pictures of things and then write about them sometimes and then share these things with you guys? Anyway, sorry for the hiatus. Lots going on with the end of summer, beginning of fall. Seasons are fun. I'm definitely looking forward to the leaves changing and I have a few photo projects coming up in the near future that I'm really excited to share with everyone!

However, before we look towards the future, let's review what's been happening. I've uploaded a few photos here and there on my facebook page and instagram, so if you haven't checked those guys out, now's your chance. BUT, I was also lucky enough to have an actual real family photo shoot and, in my opinion, it turned out really well! The family was awesome, the day was perfect, the setting was great. It was like a perfect storm of all good things that resulted in a fun session for all.

So I'm just going to keep this short and sweet, but that's what's been going on. Sorry I haven't been traveling the world or taking photos of wild animals or anything super spectacular during my leave. Like I said, though, I DO have some photo projects coming up, so keep on the lookout for those. Happy almost-fall everyone!

Here's a sample of the family portraits. I completely love this one.

ISO 400, 27mm, f/5.6, 1/320


Revisiting St. Pete's. Always intereting.

I'm always up for an adventure. And St. Pete's has yet to disappoint.

I'm pretty sure I wrote about St. Pete's in a blog a few months ago. But in case you didn't read that and don't feel like scrolling down (no one really wants to scroll down. Don't worry, you're not alone. Oh, no. What if I make this entry too long? Then you'll be forced to scroll... it's already looking a bit lengthy. I'm so sorry!), I will give you a bit of an update on this little village in southeast PA:

St. Peter's village is this cute little village in Hopewell Big Woods, near, if not in, the French Creek area. There are a whole bunch of trails. And some interesting characters go out there and decorate the rocks and trees of the pathways with paint/spray paint/whatever. I know there are some people who think it's distasteful, disrespectful, other dis-words, but I, personally, think it's really cool, and love walking around and finding new messages and artwork.

There's always something unexpected there in the best way. This trip, for example, we came across a hammock strung up between two trees by the stream. At first I thought maybe kids were playing there or something. But no, there was a full grown man just taking a rest in his hammock by the stream. No big deal.

Also, we hiked a bit farther down, and I kept hearing like a little yappy dog behind us. As we walked, the yapping got closer and it was accompanied by the voices of, what I assumed, were yappy dogs owners. But as they passed us, I noticed three teenagers (I guess?) walk passed, and no dog. But the one girl had one of those dog-looking hats with the long sleeves that come down from it? and SHE was the one yapping. She wasn't talking to the other two people. She was just walking along. Yapping.

See?? I don't know where else I could go and see a guy in a hammock and a girl walking around acting like a dog. I'm sure such places exist. I've just never been. So this was an adventure for me. And it made me smile.

Always go on adventures, or else you'll have no stories.

New photos added to the "St. Pete's" photo album. Check em out!

ISO 2000, 26mm, f/8, 1/800

Millions of Peaches

So I suck and didn't get this out to you guys yesterday as promised. Better late than never, though, right?

We went peach picking, yay! Always a fun summertime activity: Driving way far away to over-fill an over-priced (but not over-special) box with so much fruit that it is not humanly possible to consume it all before it rots.

As you can probably tell, this is not my first time around the peach trees.

I did all that I could to utilize all the peaches, though. I made peach pie, peach shakes, I think there may have been an unfortunate experiment with lamb chops. I tried, I really did. Peaches were incorporated in every and all meals, but still after a week, half the box was rotted.


I've learned, it's really all about the fun of picking anyway, right? Getting out of the house, breathing the fresh, peachy air. And I was able to bring my camera and take pictures of the rolling hills of trees and wild flowers and other pleasant things on the eyes. So, sarcasm aside, it was a fun summertime activity : )

ISO800, 56mm, f/4.8, 1/8000 (that seems a bit overkill. oh well!) More peachy photos can be found in the "Every Day Photo Opps" album.

The Accidental Filter

This has never happened to me before. But I went out for a walk last night with my kids and brought my camera along, since I haven't taken it with me in a while. But we walked for a while, and I pulled the camera out of it's case and took the cap off, ready to take a picture, and I went to look at the one that I just took, I noticed that it looked fuzzy. Immediately I freaked out, thinking I/someone/thing broke my camera. Who would pay for this??  Luckily, the world was safe, it was just condensation on the lens. Going from the cold, AC-full comfort of the house and out into the hot, humid, hot heat of the outside created a little cloud on the lens itself. Crisis averted. Thank you science.

But I was still sort of bummed that I wouldn't be able to take pictures on this outing. Then I noticed the light hitting the trees in such a cool way that I figured, what the hell, I'll take some pictures anyway. Maybe the effect will be cool, maybe not. But it wouldn't hurt to snap a few anyway.

Anyway, I went to load them on to my computer today, and realized, they didn't look half bad. They actually turned out really cool looking. Sort of like everything turned into a mystical dream world. So I thought I'd share a few with everyone. I don't think they would have turned out so great had it not been late in the day and the light hadn't been so dramatic. So the light was on my side this time around.

Lesson learned: take pictures no matter what.

ISO800, 18mm, f/4.5 (probably could have been smaller aperture in hindsight), 1/160

A few more photos like this can be found in the "Every Day Photo Opps" album. Check 'em out!

My Computer Ate My Homework

So I hit the max as far as memory on my computer. As you may or may not know, pictures take up a LOT of room. So here I am with (I think) 8 GB of memory, and it's just gone. It wouldn't let me upload any more photos, and kept sending me a lovely "you're almost out of memory" message whenever I turned the thing on. So, I figured, I'll transfer the majority of the photos to an external hard drive, and that will free up some space for some new photos. The theory seemed solid. But no such luck. What was I doing wrong?!

Well, apparently, my computer has a mind of its own, and was backing up all the photos I has on it into a separate secret backup file. So when I deleted the bazillion photos from that, all of a sudden I had half my memory left. Oh happy days!

Annnnd that was my long winded explanation as to why I haven't posted any pictures of last weeks moon on here. Thanks for listening : )

But I posted 3 of the best in the Moon 2015 folder (from the options above - Photography>Moon2015). I used a really low ISO (like 100-200) and a 70mm lense and THEN zoomed in post production in Lightroom (because the ISO was so low, it showed virtually no blurriness when I zoomed in - pretty cool). In all honesty, I meant to use my 300mm lense, but I grabbed the wrong one before I went out and was too lazy to change it. But I think it turned out pretty well : ) There's always the end of the month for another chance!

ISO 200, 70mm, f/10, 1/40


Dreaming of Angels on the Moon

Thriving Ivory? Anyone remember them? hah. Anyway, July is a big month for moon lovers! There's a phenomenon happening known as a "Blue Moon" apparently - when 2 full moons happen in one month. The last time this happened was August of 2012. So it wasn't that long ago, but long ago enough to make it sort of important sounding, right? Now depending on which site you look at, they'll tell you that either the first full moon happened last night or will be happening tonight (I've seen both). It was all raining and stormy in my neck of the woods, and tonight's not looking any better, so I would have no idea either way when it's happening. But maybe it's clear where you are! So look up tonight and take a picture and let me know what you see : )

That being said, this september promises a "Super Moon," which happens when the moon is at its closest point to the earth and thus looks abnormally (and awesomely) large. I can only assume there will be lots of super werewolves at this time. Bewere... wolf.

heh... heh... alright, I'll go sit in the corner.

Here's an article. Educate yourself about Blue Moons and Super Moons and fun stuff like that. It really is pretty cool to see all of this happening right above our heads.


So I have all the equipment and I've studied up a lot on taking outdoor portraits (mainly family, but I'm looking to expand my photo-knowlege). I just don't have the hands-on experience of actually taking portraits. SO, if anyone would like to let me practice on them and/or their family and/or friends, please let me know! I wouldn't be charging anything for practice. Who could beat that?? My contact info is in the contact section of this page. Or you could just send me a message on facebook : ) Happy Sunday everyone!

Camping and Anniversaries

I just got back from a week long camping trip with the family for my husband and my 5 year wedding anniversary and it was SO much fun. We hiked and kayaked and I got to get a lot of great pictures of French Creek. Despite bringing all my lenses, I really only used my 18-140mm lens. I guess I didn't give myself enough time to play around with the others. But there's always next time. Here's a picture of some people canoeing on Hopewell Lake. It had just rained the day before and the temperature was cooling down a little bit, which is why there's that slight fogginess just above the water. I thought it looked pretty cool. You can view the other photos in the new "French Creek '15" album.

ISO 800, 60mm, f/18, 1/125

Goin' to Go Pick Some Flowers

I took just my 50mm prime lens out to Valley Forge today and went on a little adventure down small trails to Valley Creek. It was fun, spur-of-the-moment, path-less-traveled kind of adventure (the best kind). My plan was to use the time there to find places for photo-shoot ideas (and found a bunch - I'm super excited. But that will be for another post). On our adventure, I was able to snap a few close-ups of the wild flowers that lined the trails. What made it different, was that I could not zoom at all with the lens that I brought. So there was a lot of moving and repositioning myself to get the shots that I did. Fun times.

A few more photos were added to the Valley Forge album under the Photography tab located above. Enjoy!

ISO 800, 50mm, f/13, 1/60

Adding Tomorrows

I know this happened a week ago, but I never got around to writing about it: The Great Strides Walk!

I organized a team to walk this year in the Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis in honor of my husband who has CF. This being the first time that I've ever attempted to put a team together, I was very pleasantly surprised with everyone who stepped up to donate and/or walk with me. We even surpassed our fundraising goal! This walk alone (there are many walks and other fundraising events throughout the year) raised over $170,000 all together, which is incredible. So I think in all, this was a pretty successful event : ) Thank you again to all the friends and family who helped out, it truly means the world to me.

Before the walk started, I got there early to help the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation set up and was able to get a few pictures taken then and before and after the walk. It was a really gorgeous day. Here's one of my husband and daughter after the walk around the park sitting and having some lunch. There are more photos in the album titled "Great Strides Walk 2015."

ISO 250, 18mm, f/6.3, 1/800

Knowledge is Power

Sorry there hasn't been a lot of regular updates lately. I feel like I've just been shooting a whole lot of the same thing, and didn't want to bore anyone.

I went to Valley Forge again yesterday (surprise), and it was really cool because it was right before a storm. If you've never been or seen any of the pictures that I've already taken, the park is full of large fields of rolling hills and tree lines and all other types of photogenic scenery. But because of all these fields, it was really easy to get good shots of the big fluffy clouds as they were rolling in.

Here is the National Memorial Arch.

History lesson: This was erected in 1910 and there was originally supposed to be 2, but they decided to stick with one to save money.


ISO 200, 48mm, f/8, 1/640

Back to the Future.

This weekend was the Vintage Computer Festival East at the InfoAge Science Center in New Jersey. My husband is a huge computer enthusiast, so we thought we'd pack up and make a day-adventure of this event. The building had two big rooms full of old computers, some set up with different vintage games that you could play on. I didn't get a picture of it, but there was one station set up with a computer built in the late 1800s if I'm not mistaken? Well, it was like a punch card system that categorized a towns census. I don't know, I thought that was pretty cool.

I couldn't tell you what any of the computers are called, but if you'd like to see pictures of the event, visit my facebook page for the rest. For now, here's a picture of a mouse I actually remember using when I was younger. Trippy.

ISO 800, 32mm, f/4, 1/20


Let's Kick Some CF Butt!

Let's take a pause from photography for a minute and talk about serious stuff.

So, I mentioned in a previous post that my husband has medical issues, but never went in to any great detail. Truth is, he has Cystic Fibrosis. We've never done a walk for CF before this year, but it's never too late to start, right? So I signed the fam up for a walk that is happening in a few weeks. Cystic Fibrosis is not a great thing to have, and there is no cure, so walks like this help raise donations and awareness in hopes to help find new treatments and medicine to help fight this disease.

I've never organized something like this before, but it's been a fun experience. Anyway, if anyone feels like they are able to donate to our group (team OMGWTFLOL), feel free! It'd be very much appreciated : ) If nothing else, though, sharing the link with others or just reading up on the disease would also be helpful. Knowledge is power, right? Let's do this!

dontate here! http://bit.ly/1G0tjK1

oh, and just to tie this all back to photography, here is the goofy love of my life:


Random Outdoor Photo

I have not abandoned the Photo Challenge, I just haven't been following the list for the past couple days : P haha. oops. But it's been super nice in my neck of the woods lately and I've been able to go on a few fun photo adventures. This was taken on a walk down the street from where I live. Taken pictures close-up always looks so interesting, I think. Shows the detail that people usually don't notice.

ISO800, 42mm, f/5.6, 1/640