Revisiting St. Pete's. Always intereting.

I'm always up for an adventure. And St. Pete's has yet to disappoint.

I'm pretty sure I wrote about St. Pete's in a blog a few months ago. But in case you didn't read that and don't feel like scrolling down (no one really wants to scroll down. Don't worry, you're not alone. Oh, no. What if I make this entry too long? Then you'll be forced to scroll... it's already looking a bit lengthy. I'm so sorry!), I will give you a bit of an update on this little village in southeast PA:

St. Peter's village is this cute little village in Hopewell Big Woods, near, if not in, the French Creek area. There are a whole bunch of trails. And some interesting characters go out there and decorate the rocks and trees of the pathways with paint/spray paint/whatever. I know there are some people who think it's distasteful, disrespectful, other dis-words, but I, personally, think it's really cool, and love walking around and finding new messages and artwork.

There's always something unexpected there in the best way. This trip, for example, we came across a hammock strung up between two trees by the stream. At first I thought maybe kids were playing there or something. But no, there was a full grown man just taking a rest in his hammock by the stream. No big deal.

Also, we hiked a bit farther down, and I kept hearing like a little yappy dog behind us. As we walked, the yapping got closer and it was accompanied by the voices of, what I assumed, were yappy dogs owners. But as they passed us, I noticed three teenagers (I guess?) walk passed, and no dog. But the one girl had one of those dog-looking hats with the long sleeves that come down from it? and SHE was the one yapping. She wasn't talking to the other two people. She was just walking along. Yapping.

See?? I don't know where else I could go and see a guy in a hammock and a girl walking around acting like a dog. I'm sure such places exist. I've just never been. So this was an adventure for me. And it made me smile.

Always go on adventures, or else you'll have no stories.

New photos added to the "St. Pete's" photo album. Check em out!

ISO 2000, 26mm, f/8, 1/800