My Computer Ate My Homework

So I hit the max as far as memory on my computer. As you may or may not know, pictures take up a LOT of room. So here I am with (I think) 8 GB of memory, and it's just gone. It wouldn't let me upload any more photos, and kept sending me a lovely "you're almost out of memory" message whenever I turned the thing on. So, I figured, I'll transfer the majority of the photos to an external hard drive, and that will free up some space for some new photos. The theory seemed solid. But no such luck. What was I doing wrong?!

Well, apparently, my computer has a mind of its own, and was backing up all the photos I has on it into a separate secret backup file. So when I deleted the bazillion photos from that, all of a sudden I had half my memory left. Oh happy days!

Annnnd that was my long winded explanation as to why I haven't posted any pictures of last weeks moon on here. Thanks for listening : )

But I posted 3 of the best in the Moon 2015 folder (from the options above - Photography>Moon2015). I used a really low ISO (like 100-200) and a 70mm lense and THEN zoomed in post production in Lightroom (because the ISO was so low, it showed virtually no blurriness when I zoomed in - pretty cool). In all honesty, I meant to use my 300mm lense, but I grabbed the wrong one before I went out and was too lazy to change it. But I think it turned out pretty well : ) There's always the end of the month for another chance!

ISO 200, 70mm, f/10, 1/40