Dreaming of Angels on the Moon

Thriving Ivory? Anyone remember them? hah. Anyway, July is a big month for moon lovers! There's a phenomenon happening known as a "Blue Moon" apparently - when 2 full moons happen in one month. The last time this happened was August of 2012. So it wasn't that long ago, but long ago enough to make it sort of important sounding, right? Now depending on which site you look at, they'll tell you that either the first full moon happened last night or will be happening tonight (I've seen both). It was all raining and stormy in my neck of the woods, and tonight's not looking any better, so I would have no idea either way when it's happening. But maybe it's clear where you are! So look up tonight and take a picture and let me know what you see : )

That being said, this september promises a "Super Moon," which happens when the moon is at its closest point to the earth and thus looks abnormally (and awesomely) large. I can only assume there will be lots of super werewolves at this time. Bewere... wolf.

heh... heh... alright, I'll go sit in the corner.

Here's an article. Educate yourself about Blue Moons and Super Moons and fun stuff like that. It really is pretty cool to see all of this happening right above our heads.