The Forge

In case you haven't seen enough of Valley Forge, I uploaded some more to the Valley Forge album! (Go to the "Photography" section above and go down to "Valley Forge"). We went with my brother and his fiance and they're two fun dogs (not that there are any pictures of them, I just thought I'd mention them anyway - hi guys!) to enjoy this lovely weather that we've been having. Ahhh sun.

You may see a trend of my going to Valley Forge. It is an awesome and very beautiful area, but I'm not obsessed or anything. It just has a lot of paved walk ways, and in this mushy transitional time of the year, it's helped with walks without getting completely covered in mud. Hence the many Forge outings.

I used the 50mm lens when walking around with the fam, and the 104mm lens when doing the landscape shots. It was just so nice and clear. Welcome spring!


ISO 800, 105mm, f/5, 1/5,000