The Flu Has Taken Over

Somehow I thought the flu season was done and over with, but I guess as long as it's cold and miserable out, it's possible? Anyway, I never got around to getting a flu shot this year. I'm not about to go into a anti/pro vaccinating rant, so don't even think about it. My husband's immune system is not the best, so I've made it a habit to get the kids and I vaccinated every year just as a precaution. Well everyone but I got a shot, and everyone but I got the flu. Basically, my immune system rocks. Take that, influenza virus. 

It has, however, turned me in to the resident nurse in the house. So it's been hard to get a chance to take any pictures. It seems like the worst is over, though, and everyone's getting back to their normal selves, which is great, because it's been a pretty long past couple days.

I hope everyone else is surviving the end of winter. Spring is coming soon!

Here is some practice with silhouetting again:

ISO 6400 (I didn't mean for it to be so high, I just forgot to bring it down before I took the shot), 50mm, f/16, 1/400