Busy Weekend

So the kids went to a birthday party today at Bounce U AND the mother of the birthday boy - a lovely family friend of ours - asked if I could snap some pictures while I was there. Of course I could! I love when people ASK me to take pictures as I feel awkward just taking them without permission (not that that stops me from still doing it, but still). So I brought my trusty good camera and snapped away. It put up a good challenge for me too. The setting: a series of two huge, somewhat inconsistently-lit rooms with over a dozen kids bouncing and jumping and running at a million miles a minute.  Lots of setting changes and trial and error pictures were taken. But I think I got a bunch of good ones, and I was able to learn a lot about capturing fast moving objects (children) in low-light. AND everyone had a lot of fun : )

[note: The album is posted on here but it is password protected since I don't know all the kids or their parents and don't want to post anything out there for everyone to see without their permission.]

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

OH! And I just ordered a new camera and it should get here on Tuesday and I'm so so so so so excited about it.