Sing Us a Song

My first art-related love was music. I joined the school's orchestra when I was 9, playing the violin and continued with it until I graduated from high school. Through orchestra, I met some of the best people and have had some of the most amazing adventures on our numerous orchestra trips. A lot changed in those 9 years: relationships, schools, friends, but it was nice that I could always count on the continuity of orchestra. It was always there.

In addition to the violin, I also took private piano lessons for a few years from a family friend. I never did any recitals or really played in front of any crowd larger than my 5th grade class (let me tell you what an anxiety-ridden disaster that was). But it's a good skill to know. I think that if you know how to play piano, it's so much easier to pick up other instruments.

Anymore, I don't really get the chance to practice, but I do still have my violin and was lucky enough to inherit the piano that I had growing up. It's nice knowing that they're there for when I get to that list of "things I'll get to one of these days." And they're something to take a picture of ; ) Today's Everyday Photo Op: my piano.