Photo Journey Interupted

I ended up with a free-ish day today, and was planning on going for an adventure drive just around to see if there was anything fun and interesting to take a picture of. But then my eye started freaking out.

A brief history of my opthalmological past: I've had glasses since I was about 9 years old and contacts since I was 14. For the past few years, I've been getting my contact prescription updated, but not my glasses, since I really only wear my glasses around the house, and vision insurance sucks. Well I was wearing my contacts and everything was running smoothly until my left eye got really irritated for some mysterious reason. So it was off with the contacts for me, and in to my old glasses. Needless to say, since I haven't gotten the script updated for a few years now, it's not really safe/legal for me to drive in my glasses. Not to mention, I sort of need semi-good vision to be able to focus well on anything photo-worthy.

Long story short: no photo adventure for me today.

But I did get to spend time on that online photography course, and I'm almost through it. So it was still a productive day.

I'll leave you with an old photo from my first photography class: developed film from, I think, an assignment involving taking self portraits that say something about us. (this was pre-selfies, ok?).