Taking Things Apart

My husband and I have some things in common, yes, but then we also differ in a lot of ways. This evening was a great example of that: After dinner, I decided to make letters out of pipe cleaners with the kids. Ya know, fun and educational all at the same time. Good way to end a day. Well after we're getting to the last pipe cleaner letter, my husband says, "does anyone want to take something apart?!" Kids: "yeah!" Who wouldn't?

So, after he disappeared for a few minutes, my husband returned with an old keyboard.

There have been countless stories told over the years of when he was younger, and my husband took apart this and that "just to see what was inside." This is a curiosity that he never quite grew out of, and I love him for that. Now the kids have my creative, arts-and-craftsy educational activities, and his technical, problem-solvey activities. If we don't have the most well rounded kids in school, I'll be surprised.

I was shooting with my 50mm again tonight. I think i'm falling in love, you guys. ISO 1000, 50mm, f/2.2, 1/250.

two for the price of one? what?! I feel like this would be a cool stock photo (it's embedded with my copyright info, so lawyer up if you're considering stealing it). ISO 1000, 50mm, f/2.2, 1/250