It's So Friggin' Cold Out

According to the weather people, tonight starts a super cold front that is supposed to come in and make everything stupidly freezing. Now, I know where I live, and I understand that cold weather just happens and there's nothing that I can do with that. But these, literally, zero degree nights is not what I signed up for.

After a day of feeling cooped up inside, I figured I'd go for a walk, seeing as the next couple days are supposed to be even colder than today. Maybe the world knew that I was going for a walk and decided to make the temperature plummet at just that moment, or I was just not ready for the temperature change, but I swear it felt like it dropped like 20 degrees since I walked out the door. I still can't feel my nose.

All the complaining aside, the frigidness was very beautiful in its own way and I was able to get a few pictures.

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