New Camera! Much Instructions.

My new camera has arrived! and it is gorgeous. I'm at that point where I'm sort of afraid to touch it, much like a baby. No, I'm not comparing my new camera to a baby (yes, I totally am). Obviously there's a difference between new technology and babies, though: technology comes with user manuals : ) It has twice as many buttons and switches and options as my last camera, so I'm spending some time reading and getting used to it before actually using.

I will miss my old camera (an old, but trusty Nikon D60). We've been through some good times. But it was time to move on and graduate to a, I don't want to say "better model," so just put a nicer sounding synonym for "better model" [here].

However, I do look forward to learning and taking new pictures with this new camera and sharing them with all of you! Now, it's time to hit the books.