The Effects of Not-Sleep

So my husband and I took a spur of the moment trip to the ER yesterday evening. D (the husband), has medical issues, so this was all in the realm of normal. I got maybe 1 rough, half-sleep in the past 24 hours. (This is a warning in case whatever I say next just does not make sense or is just a bunch of letters and numbers). I think we were waiting in a triage room from 10pm till 8am. Crazy, right? From about 1am-3am I took a series of "Sarah Selfies" that I am not conious enough right now decide whether or not I want to post them anywhere, ever. Somewhere around 3am, there was a women outside our little room who was trying to convince any and every passerby that she could see peoples auras and that if she didn't want her broken ankle to heal, that it "just won't." I tried, and succeeded, to name every new voice I heard pass our room. One sounded exactly like the actor who played Badger on Breaking Bad (maybe he has a part time job at the hospital...) Anyway, some times around there, things in the triage room were looking pretty photogenic.