The Sun Will Set for You

I will give a dollar to the first person to get the Linkin Park reference. Back in the day, I was big in to pouring my heart out on LiveJournal. Blog posts titles usually came from whatever song I was currently listening to for the millionth time at that moment (Isn't that what your early 20s were for? Listening to songs until you get tired of them because you swear it's impossible to get sick of this song cause it's just so freakin' awesome?). Anyway, it's been an unusually sunny day today. But it's the deceiving sort of sun that makes you think that it might, possibly, be livable out there? Spoiler alert: it's not. This was taken from the comfort of my own home. I opened the window long enough to snap this and then closed it and retired under three separate blankets while posting this. Picture three of the Everyday Photo Ops complete. Now it's hot cocoa time.