About Me

My name is Sarah. I am from the Philadelphia area. Photography has been a passion of mine for longer than I can remember. I grew up in the 90's with various disposable cameras and those awesome little compact cameras that took Kodacolor film and made it feel like you were James bond... only with a camera. And let's not forget Poloroid's i-Zone. I believe that my love of photography came from the freedom that I had to take pictures of anything and everything that I saw, even if half of them turned out blurry and resembled a Big Foot sighting.

As I got older (and had to pay for my photos to be developed myself), I learned to take my time and really think about how a photo would tern out. The whole process of wrapping your head around the situation or subject became part of the fun of it all and made me understand how photography can actually be art.

I majored in Graphic Design at Delaware County Community College and that is where I had the opportunity to take a black and white photography class. The hours spent in the photo lab, and really learning the science behind photography was something that I feel so fortunate to have gotten to experience. Though my photography education is limited, I've still been able to grasp the basic foundation of it all, and have been striving to grow from there with each new photo that I take. I hope you enjoy my journey so far.